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Shenandoah Plaza National Historic District

Shenandoah Plaza in 1933
Shenandoah Plaza in 1982

The Naval Air Station Sunnyvale, later renamed Moffett Field, was created in 1933 with the construction of Hangar 1 as docking station for the USS Macon, the largest aircraft in the world at the time.

Hangar 1 was nominated by the Navy Chief of Naval Operations as a U.S. Navy Historic Site on January 3, 1966.

The Historic District was nominated by the US Navy and accepted into the National Register of Historic Places on Feb. 24, 1994.

The Historic District was conveyed to NASA on July 1, 1994 as part of a federal military base reduction and closure action.

The Historic District consists of:

  • 124 Acres
  • 22 Contributing Buildings / Structures
  • 9 Contributing Houses
  • 3 Monuments
  • Total floor area of historic buildings is 1,498,000

+ Summary of contributing properties
within the Shenandoah Plaza Historic District

(420 KB PDF File)

+ National Register of Historic Places Registration Form
(1.5 MB PDF File)

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Curator: NASA Ames Historic Preservation Office

NASA Official: Keith Venter
Last Updated: November 2014